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 April 23, 2021

Are you thinking about listing your house but not sure what to do next? Well first of all, call me! Haha… But seriously, I want to be YOUR realtor!I will get your property listed, market your property, and get you top dollar for your home. However, if you have your house listed and you are wanting to make a great impression each time it is shown, here are some great staging tips that are sure to help the potential buyers fall in love with your home. The first and most important thing to do that will apply to every room in your home is to declutter and depersonalize your home. Take this time to clean out and do some “pre-moving” packing (try to pack up anything you can that you can live without during the listing period). This is a key tip to helping all potential buyers truly visualize themselves and their things in your home instead of yours. So, let’s break this down room by room to make it a little easier and less of a daunting task.

Livingroom: When staging this room think symmetry! Symmetry naturally pleases the eye, so when you are placing throw pillows or matching lamps try and keep them even on both sides. Lighting is really important honestly in every room. If a room is well lit it looks brighter and more inviting this is especially important in small rooms. Another helpful tip is to remove any excess furniture from the room. This will allow the room to seem more spacious and more functional. It will also give the potential buyers the ability to see their furniture in there more easily. Now about those walls, they should be painted a light neutral color, this way the rooms seem light, airy, and more inviting. Add pops of color to this room with throw blankets, accent pillows, or some small decor. Just remember less is more so it doesn’t feel too personalized or cluttered.

Kitchen: Start by clearing off those countertops. That’s right I said it, clear the decor and small kitchen appliances off of your kitchen counters. Honestly less is definitely more in the kitchen on the counters, all you really need is a nice vase with flowers or a bowl with fruit to add a nice pop of color. The kitchen is often a major selling feature or a deterrent for potential buyers. So help them think “wow” and not “oh” when looking at your kitchen. Storage is another biggie especially in the kitchen. One way to make your cabinets and drawers seem more spacious is to leave only the number of dishes you regularly use and pack up any excess items that you have currently in your cabinets and drawers. Remove the magnets from your refrigerator allowing things to look crisp and clean. Think organization too, make your pantry more pleasing to the eye by adding some decorative baskets or jars to store your items in. This will allow the pantry to seem more clean and spacious. Also, because this is such a regularly used room in the home it is important to give it a little extra attention when doing your “pre-listing” cleaning. Be sure to wipe down all light switch plates, back splashes, and cabinet/drawer fronts. *A secret and inexpensive tip to add a little more punch to your kitchen is to add a fresh coat of paint or a set of new knobs to your kitchen cabinetry. 

Bedrooms: When you step into your master bedroom how does it make you feel? The master bedroom should ideally feel like a retreat. This is the room that will offer relaxation from the day and rejuvenation for the next. This room needs to be as gender neutral as possible. In other words, guys take down those nascar posters and ladies hide those floral comforters! Neutral color bedding and wall color is the way to go. Add a pop of color with a couple accent pillows or a throw blanket at the foot of the bed. This is another room that if you have excess furniture try to remove it. Make the master bedroom seem larger and more open. Next let's tackle that master closet. Storage is always important but in this room especially for couples. You can make your master closet seem larger and less cramped by packing up any unneeded or seasonal clothes that you are not going to need during the listing period. Another cheap easy thing you can do to organize your closet is, buy matching hangers. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for wooden ones but throw out the cheap mismatch hangers and invest in hangers that are all the same color. Remember during the listing period you should always keep jewelry in a safe location, not laying out. If you have an extra bedroom it is always a great idea to stage it as something other than a bedroom to give it a “new identity”. Some ideas for this could be a home office space or craft room. Another way to make your bedrooms feel more sereen and depersonalized is to remove the televisions and game consoles during the listing period.

Dining Room: The idea in this room is to make your home feel like a great entertaining space. You can add to this by using an attractive but not overwhelming place setting on the table. One thing to keep in mind is you do not want this space to seem too formal or too casual, but rather a happy medium. On the table you can add a nice table runner, small floral centerpiece in a vase, or candle holders in varying heights to add dimension to the table. Remember to keep this decor dusted often during your listing period. If your dining room is somewhat small or closed off you can make the room feel larger and brighter by adding a large mirror on the wall. This will allow the light to bounce off the wall and give the appearance the room is more open and spacious.

Bathrooms: Okay y'all, let’s get real for a minute. The bathrooms in a home often need a little extra de-griming before listing. We often don’t realize the water build up, discoloration of tile surfaces, and other small details in this room. Scrub all the tile shower/bath surfaces and faucets with something to remove any hard water or soap build up. Vinegar will often cut through all of this. An easy way to freshen up a bathroom for cheap is to add a fresh coat of caulk where needed. The most important tip in this room is to remove clutter and personal items from the countertops. Organized as much of your personal items as possible in decorative baskets inside the cabinetry and out of plain sight. Create a luxury spa-like feel in your bathrooms by using nice soap dispensers, fluffy neutral color towels, decorative baskets or jars to hold other non personal bathroom essentials, small candles, a white shower curtain and fresh neutral colored bath mat. Fix any leaks, replace light bulbs with LEDs to make it brighter, and tighten any loose toilet seats or faucets. 

Walls, Windows, & More: If you have a dark hallway or space, you can add light neutral paint or a large mirror to help this space seem more open. Touch up nicks and small holes. Make sure that all light switch covers and plugin covers match throughout the house. Wash all the windows inside and out. Replace family portraits with simple art or neutral wall art. Avoid blank, dead space on walls so that potential buyers can visualize themselves and their decor in this space. 

Exterior: Curb appeal is the first impression your home has on potential buyers. You can boost your home’s curb appeal in a few easy ways. Add crisp house numbers in a visible location, add pops of color with throw pillows on seating, hanging planters or flowers in flower pots, and a fresh welcoming doormat. Also, remember potential buyers don’t want to be met at your door with cobwebs. The last biggie for the exterior when your home is on the market, is keeping your lawn cut and manicured. 


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